Salifam is a manufacturer of various industrial and powder paints that can produce the desired colors according to the needs of your industry.

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Salifam experts are ready to provide various consulting services to companies in the field of color ordering and ordering, taking into account the several years of color industry.

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Salifam Company manufactures industrial colors with the best technologies of the day. You can view pictures of Salifam Company in the gallery.

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Salifam Powder coating company was established in 2007 and commissioned in2010 after passing the study process. Utilizing the expert staff with more than one decade of experience in powder coating industry and using modern knowledge of coating and polymer, this company has taken action to produce powder coating in accordance with the latest standards

Specialty colors
General colors
Custom colors

Salifam color quality

This unit’s labratories of research and development and quality control meet the consumers’ needs separatlely. The manufactured coatings of this company are available in three common systems of powder coating (Epoxy, polyester and Hybrid). All the above mentioned systems are also manufactured in various colors and simple, patterned and special design.

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